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There are three major estrogens, known as estradiol, estrone, and estriol. Our estriol-only cream is breast protective. Please mix it with a Progesterone product. This can also be used as an additional estrogen boost with OstaDerm or Helen Pensanti MD’s Bio-Identical with Red Clover. Also, a great tip from Dr. Helen Pensanti is that you can rub this directly on your face to have a more youthful appearance.

INGREDIENTS: Purified water, aloe barbadensis, safflower seed oil, evening primrose oil, hemp seed oil, estriol usp, lecithin, sepigel, xanthan gum, potassium sorbate, sorbic acid.

DIRECTIONS: Apply 1/4 teaspoon of cream once or twice daily to inner thighs. Do not mix with hand lotion, body lotion, or perfume. Massage in thoroughly.


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